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November 23, 2002

So here you sit again
With nothing but your misery
To comfort you from the storm
And shed light upon the dreariness
You know so well
Lean back friend and inhale deeply
Let me carry you away for just one moment...
Let go of the illusion of worry
Trust in me for just one moment...

So here you sit again
Alone and longing for something more
To bring a boredom to its death
And fill you up with excitement
So jump into my pool and wash
Yourself of sin and lie
Don't worry...

Life is but a road we've wed
Where the twilight guides our path
The one we've chosen to take
As shards of broken glass
Rain down from the sky above
And our hearts breathe lust

I berate the word
To appease my appetite
Falling farther and faster
From who I am
To push away meaningless loneliness