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Vital Stats

Name:   Mal
D.O.B.:   7/29/82
Height:   5'8"
Weight:   155lbs
Majors:   English & Psychology
Eye Color:   Brown
Natural Hair Color:   Dirty Blond
   Life:     An eternity of unanswered questions. Fun part is trying to find myself.
   Raves:   Another form of release. Inner peace.
   Music:   Percussionist in a crazy progressive rock/metal/jazz/blues/trance/drum 'n' bass band.
   Chillin:   My boys are family, I love those guys.
   Women:   God's gift to men. Most are easier to talk to than guys.
   Writing:   Words are my plane ticket out of this world.
   Religion:   Agnostic. I have no idea.
   Politics:   Leftist, Left Wing, Radical, Rebel.
   Physical Fitness:   There's nothing like a jolt of testosterone.