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Unravel Yourself
July 7, 2000

Hello dear friend
I'll love you again
When love passed, love created
Like the clouds in the sky
And I'll miss you when you're gone
But don't stay too long
Because many faces lose their names
You'll keep yours

I've had bats
I've had axes
I've had them all
Jealousy may hurt, but I'll never fall
Remembering you wherever I may go

This forge designs
It burns a red hot desire
But you don't know him
He speaks of a life unknown
Of many tall mountains climbed
And numbers achieved
This day just seems too long
Where have I gone?

We were but stars
In a sea of a million dreams
Because we were wished upon
In my mind
And yours
To be

It's warm by the fire
Your warm touch
Holding you in my arms
There's no words to be spoken
And no lies to be broken
I hope I can decipher
For your hope comes from lessons learned
Understanding what it all means
By lack of what it seems

There's something I've been meaning to say
I love you