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Tranquil Wild
February 29, 2000

Nights were howling terror
And darkness overflowing with angst
My warm feet pale
As was the moon on that brisk and shallow eve

You may call it lunacy
But that night, that cold and cancerous night, I experienced immortality
'Twas of exact nature by visions of eve passed misfortunately
Since this reality strong, I listened to its sensory requisition

Summoned it a sage-or what seemed to be such
For it had no definite shape
But thrust itself atop of me burying itself in my chest
The next hour, the next hour I sat in congealment
But do not dare exclaim me mad!
Sage or not, out from my heart poured the creature
Lucidity cry my name!
And the window to my left surrendered its seal for an escape

Morn ensuing complete apparition sought out my name
'Cause mirrors saw no time in my soul for apprehension
And as the rain cried a new birth
There came a knocking upon my door

"Who's there?!" I called out.
Think you may that it was the creature
But shadows lurked ahead of my gates
"Find me," it replied. "Open the door."

But how could such a creature speak?
Mystery carried a heart
The minutes point at zero while there lies no hand of hour
Alas this was a fantasy!

No, but the swords of truth pierced through my skin
Carried by the tone that ripped through my room
Knock, Knock, Knock it said
"O horrible heathen leave me!" I cried out

Truly at this point I was terrified
As they with corpses I with my ears
I'll wake up soon and rejoice
Rouse fool, rouse peasant, rouse rogue!

"Open the door," it whispered
Wary as eyes, as eyes are wary
I besought my implement of war
Much like the berserker

Swift as an eagle
I flew towards the window
And although you may believe me mad
The window too, flew towards me

And what a horror it was!
That a man should ever see upon his lifetime
For there lay singed a cadaver
Breathing still, scarcely

"Open the door," it whispered
Now what is a man to do?
A rotting carcass ruminating
With a tongue that does speak!

Surely you jest I should execute
Since unreal this reality be
Yet to fly free is to fly shackled
Exists comprehension of this to him?

Fancy to me may breathe as whole to him
Shall I play king to his demise
And utter words of doom unto his being?
Nay or yay I will find

"Open the door," it whispered again
Nay I shall not! Leave me demon!
Guilt via fear struck me quick
As my firearm I lowered

Will such a being bring about so much alteration
That now causes me to fear its dissention from time?
And if it would like me to open the door promptly
How so doesn't it thieve entry?

Anger does carry a heart betwixt the winds
These rusty hinges they did tear
Receiving now light into my room
Finding myself stomped upon by fear

"Open the door," it said
But how now! 'Twas dislodged!
At this time under the moon it lay
Holding something round in its hands

With arms in hand walked I towards it
"Who's there?" I called out
Nothing were to fool the tranquility
Yet closer and closer I stammered

Now hovering above it I stared
Stared into its ghastly eyes pondering
Eyes rolled and sigh given I moved away
Thankful that execution did not transpire