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There Comes a Time
November 11, 2002

There comes a time
When I'm no longer able to put together
A perfect rhyme,
Fluid song,
When the music doesn't sound right,
The melody is dissonant
A rhythm in odd meter;
When helmets serve no purpose in life

There comes a time
When angels sing and devils cry
When stories teach and words lie
When towers crumble,
Birds tremble
And I could just die

There comes a time
When you look behind
And begin to see your past
Blanket you blind
When all life becomes a sign
While friends move on and fly
As you lay down and cry

There comes a time
When eyes go blind
And bodies go numb
When all I can hear
Is the loud beating
Of a giant war drum

There comes a time
When the world goes black
And white only when there's light
Trapped inside a grave
Yet nothing's really so...grave

There comes a time
When I can't bear the misfortunes
And I lose myself in the sun
When children cry
And mothers sigh
While little Johnny's got a gun

There comes a time
When men bleed
And raincoats leak
Life's vitamins flow through your veins
But instead you take the train
There's nothing free

There comes a time
When feet turn to stone
And inside you've found a warm place,
Something like home
When leaves drop around you
Leaving you wounded and low
Loved and high
A spoon, but no handle
And life is beautiful
As you float up, up into the purple sky