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The Hunt
November 3, 2002

Broken and jaded
With the world spinning around me
And the sky gone red
Turning pages but my
Memory has long since faded and I'm
Stuck in a web we've weaved
You and I darling
Made of fine silk and adhesive
If I could get out and reach you
Would you grab my hand?
And if I could pull myself away
Would you hold on tightly?

Tell me if you could heal
If I opened up to you
And tell me if I could heal
If I gave my heart to you

Crawling closer to you
While running in circles
To have you with me
To have you blindfold me
All I do is for you
All I've ever thought was for you
All the pain in my heart is for you
And all of my ashes scattered about are because of you
I need to feel you inside of me
Pulsating, breathing right through me
Filling me up again
Making me whole and complete
For just a short while

Until the hunt resumes its course.