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Taste the Stars
November 25, 2002

You're the ravine that trickles,
Slides into my heart, a dry desert land
And eyes of wonder as I sit in
A haziness that becomes me
Played over and over on my radio
With a fuzziness, poor signal, static.
You're my mellower, calmer of the winds with
Soft touch and smooth vibratos
That resonate through me like
A quiet sonic boom

Snow flakes and flurries
And you've caught my tongue
Over phone lines that scurry
To send signals like the beat of a kettledrum
You're the easing of my hormones
Into queues of harmony
On a day of firestorm and frenzy
My coda, and I want to feel you
Walk through the door slightly ajar
Into my clouds, onto my chords of life
And play you over and over again like a harp
Upon jupiter's fine throne of jewels

Precious October autumn day
And your scent bequeaths me
With rolling rapids, white water
Subtracting discomfort
And adding pleasure
You're my simple mathematics equation
And it all equals you
Like watching leaves fall to the ground
The reds, yellows, oranges, purples
That amaze me time and time again
You do it all so well
And you've carved your name
On the stone firmly placed
By my bedside, never to go far

Here the mercury rises
As steam pours out from behind
Shower curtains and soap suds
And you're the one sculpting desire inside
I want to feel you touch my lips,
Marvel at our song and dance
And listen to you purr beside me
As we fall fast asleep
Painting a dream of one another
On an easle by the beach
Our eyes, fingers and lips
As instruments of fine decor

We're in a lake of lackluster lucidity
On this journey into each other's
Shadows resting behind mirrors
On a Las Vegas motel nightstand
With the curtains drawn
Telephone ringing, neighbors revolting

Be my eyes as I can't see
Be my dream as I can't be
Be my everything,
Be my everything.

Taste the stars.