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June 30, 2001

I've heard of your religion
I've read your books
Listened to your sacred words
And they make sense,
Like the yolk in the egg shell.
Crack the shell
Thor's hammer.

Brothers kill me
For every dime I give back
To them it's all the same
Read the lines, say the prayers
But now observe in between
Do you feel the same?

Light ends, night takes over
Nothing changes
My fingers move
Pointing directly at your heart
Gripping all of what's left inside of me
Smashing the useless in between

Speak to me in words
I cannot explore.
Rape the natural sense inside
Of what's inside
Where we are

Eating time is how we have become
What we think we are inside.

I have chosen to walk away
Path leading me, not to follow.
For once, these severed thoughts
Once believed insane
Now coming together.

Hold the pieces together.
They fit at the ends.
Unnatural, binding images
Tell a story. A fairy tale
King Arthur, Three Musketeers.
That becomes our world.

I'll hold on to it.
In what is real.