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Informal Reprimand
February 28, 2000


I sat quietly upon my sleepless bed
   Eager with temptation; Staled by hope
Around me, many brilliant rays of sunlight lay dead
   Consumed by the millions of men who could not cope;
"The sun has been blindly murdered," I murmured.

The curtain had been raised
   Fiery red amongst its deliverance; Burning with attraction
A theater seating a sea of people ablaze
   Devoured by the hazy windstorm faction;
"Alas I am he who reigns supremacy," I sang.

Ah! Yon grazed a weary weasel
   Wan by nature; Pallid without season
It danced in a wildfire upon my melancholy easel
   Drowned by the fear that has given us reason;
"You're like the lucid lake I mirror," I bellowed.

Words spoken thrown from my mouth
   Eloquent beyond waves; Ordinal unlike flock
My towers of time clocked as the hands arrowed south
   Now slowly revolving and slowing until a lock;
"Thine eyes entrance me with an unduly enlightenment," I meowed.


"As do yours, yet they reveal false intention.
You cry out in desperation without resurrection.
I cannot help but envision spectral ruin about thy perception.

While you sing of wonders and delight.
I dance of fear and fright.
Singed and scorned without respite.

O'er the years mountains have bled.
As you sat quietly upon your sleepless bed.
Leaving me alone unto the undead.

You leave me no voice to drive
My soul was left by you to be kept alive.
Do you expect me to remain by your side?"