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I'm not going to tell you what life is "supposed" to be like, nor do I want to force anything upon anyone. My purpose for creating this page is to unite people all over the world who share the same (or similar) philosophies as I do, and possibly to spread the idea of freedom. If any of the following offends you, I apologize. Also, please do not let one thing I say ruin your mindset for the entire rest of the passage; please just keep an open mind just as I do every single minute of my life. I don't believe you will ever come across someone else more open-minded, and that's the plain truth. Just remember that I don't know the answers to this world's problems, but I aim to improve life so that people can be happy and free. I am not psychotic, nor am I insane (what's wrong with being either anyway?). But even if I was, it would be this society's fault.

It's very difficult to begin, and I don't know where to start. I suppose I'll begin by explaining my way. I know in all of us, there's always that burning desire to understand the answers to questions such as "why?" or "how?" Some find meaning in religion, others find meaning in today's society. But I try to find meaning in other ways, and in some aspects, I have succeeded. But after running through the ideas over and over again, I find myself coming back to the same questions. Why were we ever put here and why does anything really matter? If you can be open-minded enough to believe that we were put here for no absolute reason, then try to understand why many people, myself included, think the way we do. If our creation was purely meaningless, then can't we go ahead and concur that anything we do leads to nothing? So you go through school, earn a degree, get a job and buy a house and a car...but what's that all going to get you?

Survival. Since we ARE here, as all other animals do, we're going to survive and do whatever it takes to survive at whatever cost. That's one of the answers to our questions; we're here for the purpose of survival and the existance of the human race. We're here to eat, sleep, and have sex with each other.

That's fine and all, but what's with people controlling other people? Weren't we all created from the same uh...whatever? Aren't we all humans? And don't we all exist for the purpose of surviving and keeping the human race alive? Then why must one man rise above another?

This leads to my desire for a better government. Everything you do in today's world is controlled. I wake up early (controlled) to get to work (controlled) to earn money (controlled) to survive (natural). I stop at stop signs, I "buckle my seat belt," but not because "it's the law" but because "it's my life" and I'd like to protect it. The government has me running through its system where at the end of the system, I'll have some job that will earn me some material possessions that the government creates. Everything is the government. Your life is controlled by the government and it's sad that a lot of people do not see this. Everything in your homes are probably made by companies that are somehow overseen by the government. Everything is a product of the government! Even you and the society you live in. The life that was given to you by nobody is controlled by your equals. Oh yeah, and if we're all equal then how come my life is controlled by others? I don't believe in anarchy but I believe that if we all came to the realization that in order to survive happily, we need to help each other as one sold unit, then perhaps we'd work together and be unified. And maybe then we'd be equal. We'd respect each other. Or maybe that can never happen. I really don't have the answer to that. But who cares? Why should it matter? We only live to survive and die. Yes, we live to die.

We live to die! So many people have a fear of death, but why? Death is a possible beginning to something else, something new, something different. It may be a perfect world, it may just be nothing. Nothing. And would you know? No. Point is, you're gonna die. But why is death such a bad thing? And why are we told not to kill each other? What is the point of not killing the man who, for instance, pissed me off? Because it's "wrong to kill?" Well what is "wrong" I ask. Who determines what "wrong" is? The higher-ups, the ones who have no clue what it's like to live my life. My counter-philosophy to "you live to die" is to simply enjoy your life while you've got it. But some people's ways of life (their happiness, their reason for being) conflict with today's society/government. There are laws governing people! No, wait. There are laws controlling people. You have to watch out and fear the police force, the almighty law enforcers. Why can't we just live the way we please?

We have to "accept" so much in this life. You always hear people saying, "well that's just how it is, so too bad." Well why? Why do we have to live to accept things that we don't believe in? I thought we live to die, so then shouldn't we enjoy it? How can we enjoy it if we have to accept something new every single day of our lives and not be able to live the life we want to? I just want to play/write music for the rest of my life, but I can't survive doing that--I can't feed myself, and I also can't sleep wherever I please seeing as some cop is going to drag me away. Have you ever been told, "You can't do what you want to do"? I thought that *anything* is possible? So why can't I live as a musician? That'll make me happy.

I understand that the society we live in is one of the most advanced and efficient in the world. But why does the U.S. have to force capitalism upon other countries, and why do we have to fight communism instead of support it? Everybody knows that it's a "good idea on paper," but to this day, it hasn't been executed properly. Maybe if we helped communism it would work...but that's too logical. Why can't we be open-minded enough to HELP our equals? We've never tried to help their economies, instead, we barge in with our huge army and change everything. Vietnam. But whatever happened to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?" I think those words have gotten very twisted and misunderstood over time. If George Washington saw this society, he'd probably crawl up into a tiny ball and die. This is a pathetic attempt to keep the idea of "freedom" alive while progressing as a human race. "Every man is created equal," so then why can't I legally purchase alcohol? Why are there so many laws prohibiting so many things? Why must I snivel around with my fake I.D. hoping that someone understands life well enough to know that it doesn't matter? It doesn't matter. Society leads you to believe that it does matter, when in reality, it really does not matter. From day one, the government forces propaganda into our minds from the littlest things such as "death is bad," "drugs are bad," "education is good," "go to school and earn a degree," and so many other little things that people don't even realize. This government tells people that they need certain things to survive, certain luxuries. It's hiding the main idea of life from people and telling them to run through its system. But many aren't happy running the rat-race in the system. It's the matrix, that's exactly what it is (minus the A.I. of course). We're living in a surreal, fake world where everything isn't yours and every step you take is controlled by the government, the video game. I can just see it now...two kids playing a nintendo game with me typing this on their t.v. screen.

And now taking a step back, yes, nothing does matter. So what if your girlfriend cheated on you, or if she breaks up with you? What difference does that make in the grand scheme of things? Truthfully, what difference does anything make in the grand scheme of things? Why am I even bothering to write this? So why can't we just live peacefully as a human race? Luxury puts a huge dent in that idea, and we've been brainwashed to believe that we need luxury in order to survive. Do I need my car? Do I need my stereo? Luxuries enhance life and help make people happier. So if drugs can make some happy, why are they illegal while BMW's and cell-phones aren't?

Everything in life is a luxury, though I'm not saying that luxuries are bad especially because I don't believe in good or bad. Asides from everything that is natural, we live luxurious lives. The roads we walk on, the forks we use to eat...all luxuries that enhance life. Apparently, enhancing our lives is also a "natural" human instinct since we've been creating luxuries since God knows when. Luxuries can create hatred, jealousy, greed, and can lead to violence, and if they lead to violence, why then aren't they illegal alongside drugs? Drugs "supposedly" lead to violence which is why many are illegal. I don't know really, this whole talk about luxury is confusing me.

Everything confuses me. All of what I've written can't possibly be understood by anyone. Do you know who created these words I'm typing, or who created the language I think in? My mind thinks in English, but had I not been taught a language, what then? How would I think? And do I truly understand the meaning of these words? And of course, because of that, none of you can truly understand any of what I've just written, but I'm just trying to get a vague point across; that's how language works anyway. But just try to think without language for a little while.

All of what I've said can be wrong, but it can also be right. With good comes bad, and with bad comes good, but what any of that means is beyond me and my "educated" mind. There are so many twists to life, so many things I have never tried and never will, things I don't know about that can enhance or change the course of my life forever. And I will never discover these things. I'll never have visited every face of this earth, this place I got put into. There are so many possibilities and places to search for one's happiness, but instead, I'm striving for a better life this way, because I believe that change can, and will come. I believe that one day things will change, people will evolve and begin to understand the "meaning of life" so that many of our problems are eradicated and a higher level of life is reached. I believe that one day we'll be able to create some sort of machine that can create any material possesion, from forks to cars, spoons to airplanes. Everyone will have whatever they want. Man will also make himself immortal. We're only getting more technologically and scientifically advanced as the years go by, so it's only a matter of time before we really do become immortal. I believe that research can help the human race get closer to a better life by curing illnesses, creating new technologies, and discovering ways to better understand life.

I believe the key to happiness is understanding. If we only understood each other and our goals, then we'd be a step closer to utopia. But for that to happen, we'd need to have similar goals, such as survival. Our basic need and goal would be to survive, and then after that, happiness because it makes us feel good doesn't it? It helps us enjoy our lives. If we understood that we're all in this together and that life is really simple, then perhaps I wouldn't be writing this. Perhaps we'd already know, we'd already understand. We'd be unified.

Uniting is the key.


I've created a few polls merely out of curiosity, and also because I'd like to see where we, as a human race, stand. Whether it's together, or not.

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