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Paradise Unlocked
July 11, 2000

There are two lights staring at me
As I sit alone at my desk;
Pen in hand, mind at work
What can I come up with next?
A spinning disc reveals stories
A paradise translates and interprets
Much like an encyclopedia yet misunderstood
My clock reads 1:48 but I'm still ok
The green digits blur my vision
But my sight is focused...for now
I don't know what may transpire at 1:52
I may catch a cold or run naked down the hallway for a buck
Remembering that friends never let friends do stupid things
Chinese, Persian, German, Russian and all others are welcomed
This paradise is unlocked, buried under "welcome" signs
My friends already occupy the place
Damn near tore it apart but I still love them
Witty, funny, sarcastic, understanding or just plain "chill"
There's no time of day when the doors close
I'll see my friends in a few days
Greeting them with hugs and kisses and the occasional "what up dog?"
They'll remain in here forever
Never forgetting what they've given me: