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Opened Doors
December 17, 2001

It's time to open new doors
How can I go on like this?
Things won't fall into place
Like a game of connect four
All just a vain dream of reality

It's all an illusion really
Funny how the land of the free
Isn't free but to do as I'm told
Laws of the land indeed
But ruling over us supreme?

Their ideas make our lives settled
Daily rituals still uninviting
I'll knock em dead spreading disease
Like wildfire burning the masses

There's blood to be shed here
For all the trouble that's begun here
Awake souls or be forever fallen
Blinded and misguided
By words you never question

I don't trust these things
That tell us who or how to be
And I don't trust these sly wolves
Who put on facades acting as friend
Not foe, pretending to be blameless
But really trying to manipulate
And stimulate my mind
In the end just shameless

Spread your wings and fly
Indulge and get real high angel
And when you reach the top
I'll be smiling, waiting for you
The door has been opened, now step through