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September 21, 2002

I'm feeling cold and naked
The light not touching me
Surrounded by life that's shaken
At the bottom of the tree

They're dancing and singing
The old man grinning
Angels flying overhead
While nightfall makes my bed

How come I can't see?
And how come my heart's not together?

Pages turn,
A new lesson learned,
Mind distortion,
Body contortion,

I've read my eulogy times before
My life's book falling apart
The beggars finally reached the shore
To find another damaged, broken heart

I'm writhing in pain
Wishing for you to save me
Trembling with fear
On an angel's open wing
Carry me to heaven's door
Let's not delay
I can't take this anymore
Maybe I'll just runaway

The young man takes the bait
Silver studded, gloated, charming
Shining under eden's heavy weight
Now things become quite alarming
In this destiny, journey, or perhaps fate

I suppose it's never too late,
I suppose there's time to wait,
I suppose we should find heaven's gate,
I think it's time to think straight.

Hard to endure.
Quite impending,
Sanctity in a moor

I can't speak
Help me breathe
Hold me near
Save me here
Before I disappear

She laid down on my bed
Read the lines inside my head
And without a word having said
Threw open the door, jumped and fled.

It's 3 o'clock and I'm drowning in my sleep
The window's open
The others are talking
'how did it happen?'
And 'why did he do that?'
Living to wake
Waking to dream
The window's open
The others are listening
And I speak not a word
Not a word