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My love
November 18, 2002

My love.
Her keys,
Her gaze,
Her body,
Her words,
Her smiles,
Her poetry,
Her aroma,
Her power,
Her breath,
Her rhythm,
Her warmth,
Her laughter,
Her melodies,
Her starry eyes,
Her velvet skies,
Her tender kisses,
Her understanding,
Her numbing trances,
Her angelic, rosy soul,
Her flowery, primrose style,
Her way of binding my wild heart,
Her lusting, screaming and shouting,
She turns the doorknob ever so gently then,
She opens the door and prances into my mind,
She fills my heart with meaning and a beautiful design,
She flows like a river. Builds me up like a mountain. Like a tower.
She dances like a shooting star. Like waves of an ocean. Swings her arms 'round my neck.
She sings with a soprano voice of passion. Writes me a song of heart-felt emotion. Cradles me to sleep.
She brings me into a fantasy surreal world elysium heaven field of dreams mount olympus in the clouds.