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November 18, 2002

Thin breezes of sunlight through a window
Yawning, creeping, crawling, cracking
Falling off the bed
God damn, the morning
Think I've lost my head
Dance in the air of my room
Smells of cigarette smoke
And my girlfriend's perfume
The stereo is on
The radio is buzzing
Just like my head although that part
Is also a bit fuzzy
Some dude on the radio sings,
Bathroom light stings
Cleanse my hands, mouth, and rings
"Maybe today I'll fly,
Maybe today I'll grow wings"
Toilet bowl water spins in cycles
In circles, in seasons, little reason
Like my brain on a rainy day
Toothpaste, they say, plays a crucial role in this game
Teeth brush, mouth rinse, face wash
Greet rents, adhere scents
Smile wide, open eyed
Gonna eat my breakfast like a wolf
Dig with a spoon
And pretend I'm a gun-slinger in a Western saloon
And when all is done and I'm ready to go
Ain't nothin' guidin my way
'Cept where I want to go:
The road