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Love Steers
October 11, 2002

Are you one?
Are you one for me?
Are you the one to help me see?
Can you bind my heart?
Can you make me real?

With every touch
And every kiss
We inch closer to the sun
Singing sweet euphoria
Far away and high above in a distant plain
Dancing and singing under the cold rain
I can feel you steal my heart from under my skin
Painting my eyes red with your candle that burns within

My fears shake at the wheel
Driving heavy storms our way
But the rain melts our tears
And dries our pain,
Leaving nothing in the world to fear
And nobody else to blame

Moonlight shining in front of us,
Guiding our way,
We drift farther and farther into the deep oceanic blue
Onboard a raft in each other's longing affection
While we let go of time
And let love steer