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Love's Song
August 25, 2000

I sit here much like an eagle
But in my studies a hummingbird settles itself
Outside my window and begins to sing
In my sadness I smile
Then I open the window just a crack
And a gush of cool air flows through my body
Confused and unsure
I close the window but the hummingbird continues to sing
Returning to my work I can't help but shed a tear
Once again, I open the window just slightly
I smile as the hummingbird turns its head towards me

Nevermind my sorrow
Because now I'm happy for once
In the distance, a crow screams
And it hits me like an arrow piercing through my heart

Nevermind the pain
Because now I'm happy for once
Far off, a crow cries
And it hits me like a bullet piercing through my mind

I open the window more now extending
My hand towards the bird to merely touch it
It doesn't move and allows me to touch its gentle head
How strange a bird as this one to allow me, of all, to touch it
I know there's more to come soon

The next day the hummingbird revisits me
And the day after, the following week
Each day she sings a new song
And every now and then an old familiar tune

Nevermind the world
Because now I'm happy for once
And sometimes the happy become careless
But not I

But I didn't see the hummingbird today
I guess she went home
Leaving me sorrowful
And broken-hearted
Because nothing lasts forever

But some things never die
And I'll wait for her return
Through the cold, the rain and the dark
I'll wait
Because some things never die