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December 23, 2000

Silence instilled in my veins
Anguish inside my head
All in all I feel apathy
But wishing there was something more

Shadows paint my face
Blood fills my eyes
I shake my head and look down
Wishing I could walk away

Untied sanity
Divided youth
Escaping into the world
From every which pore
Of every inch of my soul

Taking steps back
In time when there was no time
Is how life comes to life

Taking steps back
Towards the door
Melancholy, mournful
The projected turnout
Didn't turn out

I sigh as I walk down the stairs
Those which I have seen before
All too familiar
Rigid, cracked, broken

A gust of air splashes me
As I pound the door naked
The sun beats down upon my shoulders
Only then do I see the light

I sigh as I walk away
Embracing what is mine
And everything that is mine
Finally joyful, and triumphant