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I'm Sick
October 13, 2002

I feel sick
My hands cold and stiff
Like the heart I wear
And I get dizzy
When I see you struttin your stuff (and you do it so well)
I see an eroding photograph of a broken mirror...
Is that me I see inside you?

I feel sick
My eyes sewn shut with fear
Fear of what #1 & #2
Did to me years ago
You know life can only be understood in reverse
So will you ask 'do you want your heart back?'
Or will you cry and beg me to come back
After it was you who kept pushin' and pushin' me away?
Can love last?
Can it be like a painting on glass?

I feel sick
In my darkest hour
Like a walking disease
Like a caged animal
Bursting with shame
Oh won't you share in this disease with me?
Can you hold me until the pain sleeps?

I feel sick
My body aching with lonliness
Frustration and hate
Like a hunter
Playing the hunted
Can you be my vitamins?
Can I stay inside you forever?
Can you make it so that I long for you with every waking moment?
Can we love each other so?