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October 8, 2000

Save me from my life
I'm calling out to you
The one who used to listen
The one who used to love me

And why can't this be anymore
You don't want it to
Thrive, live and survive

This rose held before my eyes
Reminds me of the love we shared
When I didn't feel insecure
And so empty

Take it from me now
So that we could be together again
This isn't fair
How you've left me here
Sitting by the cold fire
With tears streaming down my face

My intentions were pure
And my emotions real
Everything was for you

And I'll leave you on your own
To find a new life
And I'll leave you all alone
To leave the past behind
Since it means nothing to you

I wanted to taste what I could never have
But now that you're gone
I've understood mysteries
And rendered secrets
Even yours

Truth is no secret with a hidden meaning
Because it speaks only once
And carries few meanings
I can see it climbing deep inside you
Let it be, let it fly free
I know who you really are

You're hidden inside you
I hope one day you find the real you
'Cause through you I've found myself
I know who I really am
I wish you could too