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Help You Drive
November 8, 2002

I'll help you drive,
Right before you drive me insane
Looking for the cause
Without any crushing holy laws
I'll use your stars as my guide
Roadmap and compass
Won't hesitate to use the highway, oh no
Don't you know I am the highway?
Not your airplane ride,
And you're driving all over me
With the windows down, wind rushing in
It's hard to breathe without you now baby,
Even with the full moon shining ahead
Maybe I am your knight in shining armor
Or maybe just your silver studded charmer
Coming to pick up the pieces of your heart
When you've fallen and broken
But know that you light my way
When I'm feeling down and gray
Lost inside a painted room of emptiness
Wish I could lose myself in your house instead
And find just how your wheels are turning
Or just how your sky is burning
I'll wait for you there locked up in stone
Tired and weary,
Lost and alone.