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March 5, 2001

My madness tied,
My lunacy bound,
Freedom is the tree from which I swing
Grabbing for its leaves as I descend
Ever so slowly to the ground

"Mother" I cried,
"Where did I come from?"
A resemblance lost,
An independence gained.
Questions once unanswered
Tie themselves into reality's great shadow
That hovers above me.
I take a peek at the answers
Knowing I was never good at math

Others pack their lives into station-wagons
And go on road-trips
To decode such a great mystery,
Whilist the key lies above
So close

My insanity caged,
My paranoia trapped,
Freedom is flying above me
Like an eagle, spreading its wings wide
For a surprising landing

It falls upon my arm
And whispers in my ear
Oh that I do wish others could listen to this bird

A war is coming,
I can hear the cavalry coming my way
But I am free at last
Slave to no one,
Servant to nothing.