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For Real
November 9, 2002

This is for real now princess,
I wish I could set the clock back
And change my twisted ways
But now you've seen the real me
Seen the colors beneath
And I hope this doesn't change a thing,
I hope this doesn't destroy anything
All the days I've bled,
Everytime I said 'you're beautiful,'
The words had meaning, real meaning darling,
I just couldn't face the truth
My true problems
And the fact that I sincerely love you
That love burns a hole in my heart

'Cause I'm not one for lies
And I'd rather be with you
Than alone and laughing
At my own reflection
Running from my love
And selling it for a dime
To the sharks who'd buy

'Cause I'm not one for drilling fear
Into people's hearts
I'd rather fill hearts
With joy,
With love,
With a smile or two
Than be alone
And afraid of myself

'Cause I'd rather be with you
Than sit by my lonesome
Up high in my ivory tower,
Up high under a rainshower
Under the stars I see every night
That shine under the night sky
Oh so bright,
Because now I know,
Everything's gonna be alright.