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October 4, 2002

I've smelled nothing more sweet than the scent of your perfume,
I've tasted nothing more intoxicating than the fine wine of your rosy red lips,
The feeling of your warm and delicate body across mine
Sends me into a dream of rainbows on sunny July days,
Gentle hands upon my face, nose to nose
Two bare naked bodies dancing by the fireplace like a candle's flame
Eyes roaming each other's minds and bodies the same
There's a cry from within for everlasting love to guide us on our way.
'Darling, let us pretend we're riding atop a cloud or building a castle everyday,
Like flowers that blossom in the month of May.'

My heart aches.
My heart bleeds.
You know all too well where this leads.
I want you in my bed beside me
An angel at my window watching over me
In my arms under a starry night sky
Chasing shadows by a fire in the woods.
Hold still and let me conquer your nightmares for you.