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A Different State of Mind
January 22, 2001

And I wish I could see things as purple elephants
Like a cloud floating between an infant's pupils,
Or a locomotive crashing through trees
With bright lights glimmering into my glowing crimson eyes

It's almost as if we're hidden secretly,
My companions and I,
Under the moon's colossal eclipse
To not be seen by opposition
Like raindrops falling amid a waterfall

And there's more to hearing
Than just thunder and sheets of lightning
Powerful minor harmonies pound into my head
Like an orchestra full of drummers,
Each playing her own beat

But Mother never told me how to play with my friends
So I played with a hammered soul and a crooked mind
Took the fire in hand
And eventually I ended up like this,

I don't know what you mean
And I forgot what you have just said
Euphoric, maybe
Exalted, maybe

This is how the world is intended to be seen
It has too many names to count
But I'll introduce the world to it with this name,