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November 22, 2002

Pull me through to the other side
And stab me with your knife of indiscretion
Kill me and send me down
Into the burning pits of my fiery hell
There sit fear, paranoia and depressive tendency
On their iron-cast thrones in a mockery
Chanting to the loud drum beat of a clock
That hangs by a chain on the walls of my heart
So kill me there, oh would you
As I sit and stare
In the great halls of my cave
Looking for the words you once said
That burned a hole so deep
And cut my umbellical chord of life
From nature's empty womb
To find myself lost myself inside your light,
Tempted to feed and grow
Through the shadows of your soul
I want to pull the life from you
And carry your words around
In a hot air balloon
Take you on a trip, on a trip
Around the world in 70 days
Spinning around the globe
And injecting me with more and more
Of you
More and more of you until my veins
Can take it no longer
Until my head is going to burst
And I feel like I could break
Into a thousand pieces
At your feet
So kill me then oh wouldn't you?