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Dear Self
November 23, 2002

Why does your world turn so
And why does the wind blow so
Why does the moon shine so
And why does your light blind, banter and glow?

Why do you continue to fight me?
When will you begin to realize
That your words burn and boil
Beneath the surface of my skin
Like a cigarette, blanket of desire
Of self destruction and earthquakes
Of masochism and undermining beastiality
Of reality driven far below the earth's crust
That I'd like to walk into the maze of your mind
And break the walls that bind
The pieces of your heart together
And watch it all crumble to the ground
Sweep you up gracefully into my arms
Swing you 'round and 'round

You boil me up inside without even a care
Stop for a moment
Take my hand and breathe,
Let go and bury the illusion
Of worry
Of despair...
Stay inside this womb
Love me like you never would