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Day by Day
November 18, 2002

Open is the door
When light shines at home
Barren is the road
When survival is the game
I'm wandering aimlessly
But not without direction
And my sword is drawn
I'm cutting wind
In a dream
Walking unseen
The stage set in stone

I have an idea of where
I'd like to go
But how can I know,
How can I know?
Will you take me there,
Or should I go alone?
Be a slave to the game
With nothing, not even a name
Disgraced, erased, full of shame
Hatred my enemy, my gift to blame

Lost in a vicious storm
Of heavy winds, treason and scorn
But on my way,
With empty hands today,
Stars guide my path
As I once wished,
Wished upon a star
They told me who I was
Told me I was reborn
To follow my heart
And never stray,
Never be torn apart
But how to listen,
How to obey?
Well, I'm learning it slowly,
Day by day,