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Dancing Men
October 3, 2001

Gazed I the moon last night,
Amidst my stony plight.
And there men dancing
Surpass'd the flood tonight

I with an eye deny Him,
Some may hallo sin.
Rigid canon law stands tall as mother nature
From whence I come thus believ'd I therein

Is He all powerful,
The cross-man repentful?
To deceive all but faithful
Nature's semblance a resentful

I join hand with hand in this rut,
Hand upon leaves and bindings I nail down shut.
Of disciples word-changed! Not static mother nature!
Thence dancing men with eyes chided by faithful nuts

Only would He give those eyeless
Stiff standing under His select, caress.
And betray mine dancing eyes
To return society His mess

Unlock, mine own!
Wherein shall we bound new home.
Wishing flat faithful for He to interfere
True: if eyes they had, but now alone.

Send me upon dynamic dancing men.
Singing of environmental bliss