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November 5, 2002

Didn't think things would be this way
Sweet little girl,
You could've been mine
A star in my sky
But now my broken hands cradle
What's left of my bitter heart
And the pain I dare not give away

So take everything I am
And anything I have
In this silence I sit
Lost in scenes of just yesterday
When we were together
When our love seemed forever
But came crashing down
Into the black and endless never

And my world has fallen apart you know,
Torn at the ends,
Frayed like a quiet hellfire
Nothing seems quite right
And there's nothing left inside but this dim fine light

I could carry your weight
While you're falling
And I could listen to your heart
While it shatters
I could be the one to break your fall
So take what's left of me
As my beating heart melts in this hell
Of fire raining down from the heavens
As I sit alone in my stygian prison cell
Waiting for your return to me
'Cause all I want is you