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October 4, 2002

Expanding winds engulfing cities
Destructive nature carrying wings
An anarchy of some sort
A melodramtic scene
Chaos spawned abruptly
Giving way to a host of diseases
Wildfire, meteor showers and rains of fire
Of men now spinning 'round in stormy weather
Of civilization far gone without a fair trial
Of a world laid under a seventy story tall microscope
Swarming hurricanes clear untrodden land
With a throbbing heart of ice
Out pours a tornado of desert sand
An only child to restore the land

Nearby villages celebrate unanimously,
Drinking precious red wines in prosperity,
A sacrifice is made to a sun god;
A ritual is performed;
A newborn is born onto a bed of thorns;
A mother is in tears.

I saw the night's full moon die down
Nailed to it was an image of a king's splendid crown
Of a master's glorious frown
Of an angel's diamond-studded gown.