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Wings of the Aftermath
June 10, 2000

Tell me a story friend
Behind the trees and above the skies
A simple story to unbend
I'm feeling anguish and nobody can realize

There's two sides to every rose, this flower
Skies fall and I'll sit for a while
Thoughts I've never thought of make me cower
I can't help but feel distrust and force a smile

Does it mean anything to you?
The way you held me that night
The way you stared into my eyes under the evening sky
I'll ask to find out
I'll ask and find out

My anger rises and I feel fine
Tomorrow the sun will shine, another day
Sorrow pursues and I'm victim, this war is mine
Another massacre of what I loved yesterday

Perhaps I ask the wrong question
Unfolding the sequels much is spawned
Sitting behind the walls of ignorance I find a suggestion
I hope you can sing the lines of my song

I'll ask to find out
I'll ask and find out

I hope for a new day
So to find that answer
Wicked hearts make for confused minds
Standing beside a battered soul

The aftermath will find
A careless kind's end
Evening is light on this night
As a madness is struck dead

I think it meant something to you